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Boiler Servicing

The boiler is an essential piece of equipment in our home. Regular maintenance of it can increase its lifespan and efficiency. Our services are just here for that.


Can I afford a boiler service?

Yes of course. A typical service could cost you £100, but in order to make it more accessible to all - we offer an amazing deal. You can now get boiler services.

Gas-fired boiler

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Get your boiler service now

As you may have noticed, boilers never break down automatically without giving signs first. These could be in form of water leaks, unusual sounds, slow heating or gas leaks.

Whatever the signs, they need the attention of qualified and reliable boiler repair service. At NK Gas Service and Repairs, we provide top quality boiler services where only expert technicians are hired.

Why get an annual boiler service with NK Services?

Saves cost

When your boiler is regularly checked annually by professionals, it's energy efficiency is monitored and performance faults are corrected. This saves cost of buying new parts

Prolongs Lifespan

A regularly checked boiler lasts longer than one who doesn't get an annual service check. Heating system and all the necessary parts are observed by our team of skilled engineers to make sure they are operating in good condition. This helps the boiler last longer.

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To retain warranty

As long as the warranty is valid, you are obligated to check your boiler annually or the warranty is forfeited.

CP12 Certification

Landlords and homeowners are offered a CP 12 certificate for booking an annual service with us.


Schedule a Service

If you desire an efficient, 24/7 affordable gas boiler service and repair, contact us today to book a service. Once you fill in the forms, we'll be in touch to guarantee your one off boiler service.


If you're having trouble reaching us via booking, you can give us a call on 07404922458, Our team will then ask for your postcode and preferred time and date. We'll do our best to keep your boiler maintained and ensure an efficient performance and lifespan.

Do your annual boiler services cover all brands?

Absolutely, at NK Gas Service and Repairs, we have a team of experienced technicians and engineers who have been fully trained to work on a variety of boilers.

For new brands, technicians receive updated training to provide repair services. If it is a system that isn't well known or is old, our team has been trained to find out more about it so as to be able to check it over.

 Getting to know the Signs Means Taking Action     

Now you know the signs that mean your boiler servicing is long overdue, you need to take action to ensure your boiler system does not break down entirely. Please go ahead to book a repair service now.

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